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Local is Luxurious: Experience the Real Costa Rica on a Coffee Farm in Monteverde

This self sustainable farm has been open for the past 31 years and is home to some of the most delicious tasting coffee in the world. Read on to discover one of the most unique accommodations in Costa Rica.

Many people visit Costa Rica for the tropical beaches but take the road less traveled and sip on Arabic coffee in the lush Monteverde mountains. Emerald Toucanets will join you for breakfast on the cafe's balcony, they prefer bananas but for you, there is a full breakfast spread on offer including fresh fruits, eggs, and homemade tortillas, and of course delicious fresh coffee!

The farm is a short drive to Santa Elena and main attractions for Monteverde including hot springs, zip lining and of course the cloud forest national park. If you have additional time check out the Ecological Sanctuary and Cerro Pinocho for an once in a lifetime view at sunset. Hermida is an amazing host and was so kind to help me set up any tours and offer local recommendations.

Natural Beauty

If you have time in your schedule, it's worth it to spend a few hours just enjoying the property. There are a few short walking trails and plenty of cute dogs and cats roaming around looking for love!

The farm itself is so beautiful, as the dipping sun steals the last of the days heat, the full moon illuminates the farm and all of the jungle's secrets. This is truly a sanctuary and there is a calm and peacefulness here that isn't easily found. Most nights, the rain performs a musical for you on the rooftop and there is no need for an alarm clock as the roosters will wake you up bright and early! Here you have a chance to slow down and enjoy life the pura vida way.

Coffee Tours: From Crop to Cup

Make sure to take advantage of the on site coffee tour provided by Jose and Jennifer (at additional cost) where you will learn everything about the farms coffee production and Costa Rican coffee history. Some tours rush you around like cattle but Jose gives you a comprehensive understanding of the history of Costa Rican coffee and the complete process from crop to cup!

Cooking Classes, Coffee Tours, and stunning views, and wonderful people

Finding somewhere that feels like home in a foreign place is a very special thing. Hermida is a gift to be able to spend time with, she offers a cooking class with all natural farm to table ingredients- better than any supermarket! Make sure to take advantage of this wonderful experience and don't forget to buy a bag of coffee (or two) to take home with you!

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