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5 Portland Spots Every Foodie Needs to Visit.

Portland is known for it's restaurants and eateries but here are some of my favorite spots that every #foodie should try on a trip to the City of Roses.

1. Toki - The Pearl District

Contemporary Korean-American food from the family who brought you Han Oak.

Peter Cho, owner of famed Han Oak, is one of Portland’s most acclaimed chefs. Toki is a more relaxed spin-off of his original restaurant with menu items designed to be ordered dine-in or take out.

I ordered the Korean Fried Chicken sandwich and iced herbal tea from their brunch menu and wow it was incredible.

2. Deadstock Coffee - NE Couch Street

Have you ever been to a sneaker-themed coffee shop? This self proclaimed, "Snob-Free," coffeeshop Deadstock Coffee is just that. This black-owned business is in Portland's Chinatown and has a relaxed vibe along with a sick sneaker collection. Don't let the relaxed demeanor fool you, these guys take their craft very seriously and even roast their own coffee in house. You can even take a bag of their specialty coffee home with you and dont forget to checkout their impressive line of merch!

Pro-Tip: It's Pronounced "couche" not couch, all Portlandians agree, just go with it.

3. Mama Dut- Morrison St.

Mama Dut translates to "Mama will feed you," and you can taste the heart and soul in every bite. This Vietnamese-American woman owned restaurant has a rotating creative vegan menu and the BEST whoopie pies in town. Be sure to get there early because there menu sells out fast!

Ordered: Jackfruit Bao Buns

4. Nong's Khao Man Ghai- Ankeny St.

Featured in Bon Appétit, Conde Nast Traveler, and The Washington Post, people come all over the world to eat Chicken and Rice at Nong's! A first generation immigrant from Thailand, Nong came to the US with ambition and was the first food cart in Portland. Khao Man Ghai translates to chicken and rice which is served up with soup and Nong's signature sauce.

You can even buy a bottle of their famous sauce to take home and use in your own Nong's recipes!

Also make sure to try Thai Tea Float-perfect for summer!

5. Fried Egg I'm in Love - Hawthorne Blvd.

Rock and roll and breakfast sandwiches are all you need, at least according to Jace Krause, owner of Fried Egg I'm In Love. Featured in Travel + Leisure and the Wall Street Journal, this is probably as Portland of a breakfast as you can find. What began as a quirky yellow food truck has blossomed into 3 locations.

I ordered the Brilliant Egg Zepplin but the Yolko Ono is still their most popular menu item. Don't forget to check out their store where you can grab your very own Magic Egg Dust.

If this post was helpful to you check out my tiktok for more on the best meals in Portland!



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